Monday, November 13, 2006

Flag Officer Elections and Lady Sailors' Night and Mainsheet Magazine -- Oh my!!

Ah - the off-season. It will be okay, I remind myself daily. I have plenty of home improvement projects to keep me busy until April 1, 2007. (I installed a storm window all by myself on Sunday. Aw yeah - hear me roar!)

Anyway, lots to tell. First, I decided to 'throw my hat into the ring' and be nominated for Secretary for next year's Executive Committee. This year's EC included my name on the list of officers they recommended for next year, so I didn't actually need to be nominated by a 'member at large.' I was so flattered to receive the vote of confidence from this year's flag officers! I am very excited about the possibilities for next year's club. I'll be disappointed if I'm not elected, but I figure the worst case scenario is pretty good in this case. If I'm not elected to serve as an officer next year, I'll have more time for sailing!

The second cool thing that's going on during the off-season is that some of the ladies expressed an interest in continuing to meet socially during the off-season, so we had our first 'Ladies' Night' this evening at the home of one of our club members. I was relieved that there didn't seem to be much interest in 'formalizing' the group into some kind of 'sub-club' -- not like the sammich at the Subway... but like the dreaded 'ladies auxiliary' that I first experienced at the AYC Harvest Moon Regatta. No offense to any Ladies' Auxiliary members, but I just don't consider myself the bake sale type. I'm much happier being out on the water, gritting my teeth and grinding that winch handle like my life depends on it! (...she typed, between polite sips of chamomile tea with organic 2% milk and a drop of honey. Hee!) The ladies plan to meet again for dinner in January. Good times to come in 2007.

And finally, the old rotary-dial phone on my kitchen wall was ringing as I arrived home from Ladies' Night tonight. It was Kelly, all excited to tell me that 'this here' blog was mentioned in the new issue of Catalina Mainsheet Magazine! Holy cow! I feel like the queen of the prom! Um, Welcome, O Readers of Mainsheet Magazine! I'm guessing that I have 'Erik-with-a-K', my favorite C-18 association president and all-around friendly and super-knowledgeable guy EVER, to thank for the publicity. Thank you!

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Only 137 days 'til we all get back to sailing!


Tillerman said...

Congratulations on becoming famous. Good idea to point out the notify list but I already subscribe to your RSS feed,

Anonymous said...

You rock, Christy!!