Saturday, July 07, 2007

A Perfect Evening Sail, complete with Great Company and Chocolate Cake!

Tonight I had the great pleasure of welcoming aboard three ladies and one 3 year old from my Thursday Night Bible Study group, - Melissa, her son Jack, Sarah, and Jacque. The girls were excellent 'crew' and all proved to be very capable sailors. Jack was completely adorable as usual. He was looking for dolphins! (He'd be much more like to see staphylococcus in our lake, but staph isn't nearly as cute or fun to look for as dolphins are!)

While onboard, Jacque's job was to fend off other boats, if needed, with the boat hook (in case my docking efforts went awry.) Sarah's job was to raise and lower the mainsail (while wearing cute sailing gloves, naturally.) Melissa, our dancer, had the job of tour-jete'-ing onto the boat when we cleared the dock. All three girls did a great job. Next time, I'll convince one of them to drive the boat too!

Melissa, Jack, Christy, Jacque, Sarah

After tacking back and forth across the lake in a gentle 5-10 knot breeze, we decided to have our "Subway" picnic in the middle of the lake. I wasn't positive which way the tiller is to be secured in a heave-to, as I've never attempted that maneuver before, but I managed to guess correctly. (It's to leeward!) We hove-to and had a nice time drifting slowly and quietly. Heaving-to is ultra-cool! (But the term 'heave-to' sort of reminds me of a particular day sailing on Lake Erie last summer. Okay, moving on!! [Insert tranquil photo of Alum Creek here.])

After dinner, my sweet friends surprised me
with a to-die-for chocolate cake from the
Whole Foods store, a musical birthday card,
and some lovely bubbly-bath products.
I sure do treasure those girls. Thank you,
ladies. Can't wait to have you aboard again
(All photos courtesy of Sarah!)

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