Tuesday, August 14, 2007

delightfully quirky

In my continuing efforts to be one of the most geeky/clever sailors ever, I've designed myself some 'boat cards.' In social or networking situations, I'd much rather be known as a Sailor than a Software Product Designer. (Sorry, day-job! Nothing personal!) I can't claim this as an original idea, as I once received a 'boat card' from someone local from whom I purchased something boaty from the eBay.

Here it is (with the phone number cleverly marked through, because these are the inter-nets and perhaps I am not as dumb as I look.)


Chic Girl said...

Christy...just found your blog. Hubby raced J24 with assorted peeps like Peter Isler, etc. He has a memorial trophy named after him for a regatta in Virgin Gorda. I talked to Simon LeBon about it right before the Fishnet. Have a Chic Day!

Tillerman said...

Great idea. Keep meaning to do something similar myself,