Monday, September 24, 2007

A 'Yachtswoman's Pocket Book' Indeed...

Look how cute -- a nice little book from the 1960s that provides advice to the little ladies on how to function aboard a yacht.

I do not consider myself a feminist by any means (and political discussions are definitely off-topic for this blog!), but I'm grateful to live and sail during the 21st Century. While it is important to me that my crew and guests (all both of them, during a typical sail on my sweet little boat) experience 'gracious entertaining'... I'm even more concerned that they have a heckuva ride and that we execute our tactics well when racing. (Hee hee - listen to me acting like I know from 'tactics'.)

Well... on second thought, perhaps I *am* a bit of a yachtswoman in the 1960s sense of the word. For example, in the heat of a race situation, I'd prefer that we try not to get any blood stains on the upholstery, if at all possible.

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EVK4 said...

I'm opposed to blood on the upholstery as well. This past Sunday, my daughter and I were working on the boat. We were both very disappointed that her cleaning efforts erased any traces of blood on the foredeck was a nice badge of honor.