Thursday, December 27, 2007

help... me...

My current favorite source of sailing p0rn* is Mike & Kylie's blog. It was Shirley Phillips, a friend from the club who will soon be returning to Canada (where all the cute hockey players are born and raised), who turned me on to following M & K's great adventures. Mike & Kylie are the same age as me, but whereas I spend my days here in a tiny little cubicle in wintry Central Ohio writing (kick-#ss!) use cases and software specifications... Mike and Kylie spend their days cruising, hiking, and snorkeling the Caribbean.

Anyway, Mike & Kylie haven't been blogging much lately (probably because they spend their days cruising, hiking, and snorkeling the Caribbean), and my other ultimate favorite sailing bloggers that I follow regularly seem to be rather quiet over the holidays, so I've found myself lately without much selection of high-quality sailing p0rn. Last night I hit a real low point. I sat and read the West Marine catalog... and actually enjoyed it.

*sailing p0rn is defined as graphic (in terms of detail)-but-tasteful descriptions (preferably with photos!) of one's sailing adventures, experimentation, and toys. It is, of course, no more 'coarse' than, say, Rated PG-13.

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