Tuesday, October 07, 2008

My Sailing Bucket List

My pal the super-fly, New England-based Laser-sailor known as The Tillerman is sponsoring a writing project again this month. This month's assignment -- Your Sailing Bucket List -- really sparks my enthusiasm because, although I've never before written it down, I've had one of those in my head that pre-dates even my first sailing lesson. Maybe everyone does. It grows and changes every season, but there are a couple attributes of my list that never seem to vary. You'll see...

    1. O, for pity's sake, achieve my 2008 Sailing Goal! (involves cute boy)

    2. Honeymoon in Bermuda and sail a dinghy across the Great Sound. (involves Bermuda, cute boy)
    3. My beloved Bermuda

    4. Sail my Capri 18 on Lake Erie. (ideally with [brave] cute boy.)

    5. Spend a summer cruising the North Channel and Georgian Bay on Lake Huron. (with cute boy)
    6. Lake Huron

    7. Work my way through the ASA program and receive my Bareboat Charter certification.

    8. Charter a fine-looking yacht in the BVIs (w/ cute boy(s))
    9. Sail from Newport to Bermuda. (with plenty of mal-de-mer protection... Bermuda... and the requisite you-know-what/who.)

    The bucket (.. also doubles as an unfortunate form of mal-de-mer protection.)

    Apparently, my girlish enthusiasm for the sport of sailing is exceeded only by my girlish enthusiasm for members of the opposite sex.


Carol Anne said...

As regards #5 ... my son is planning to get certified as a sailing instructor, so you can add the same sort of parenthetical remark to that one that you have in all of the others ...

Greg and Kris said...

I (greg) honeymooned in Bermuda. Well, actually, I traveled to Bermuda for a rugby tour and stayed in a hotel with twenty+ Bayonne Bombers. It was not romantic at all, even when a couple of guys stripped down to tighty-whiteys in a Hamilton bar for a beer-fueled impromptu sumo tournament. In fact that part of the weekend might have been the opposite of romantic. However, I do think your instincts are right about this place. :)