Thursday, February 26, 2009

are there any more guessers out there?

Hey, would anyone else care to take a guess as to what that slightly scary looking object might be? I'm getting preparing to hand down judgement on the most interesting response!

Also, check out the wicked-cool countdown gadget I added at the top of my blog! Splash Day is what we here in Central Ohio, and perhaps elsewhere, call the day that we launch (splash!) our boats into the water and park them at our docks. We have a club event on the first Saturday in April.

If you would like to do something similar (such as 'number of days 'til the sheer coolness of me 'n my Laser causes the extinction of the Force Five AND the Sunfish' ... or 'number of days since I Doctor-Oned my dinghy'... or 'number of days until I can eat chocolate again') you can create one here.

Thank you for your attention. Carry on...


Greg Andkris said...

Splash Day? Why would you ever take the boats *out* of the water?

Christy ~ Central Air said...

You're just being mean, aren't you, Mr West Coast?

We in Ohio must take our boats out of water because of the high likelihood of hull-crushing ICE. [sob]

Greg Andkris said...

Yeah, sorry. We try and keep the ice out of the river and in our lowball glasses.