Sunday, February 15, 2009

lightning strikes twice

I'm here at the Columbus airport very-very early for my 1:44 PM flight to Portland via Chicago O'Hare, because running to catch a plane is as awful an experience as having a root canal and a pelvic exam at the same time. (I am merely speculating, of course.) When I arrived here at the airport, I was thrilled to find that the newstand had one copy remaining of the February Real Simple magazine, because -- get this -- I was printed in the 'Your Words' section again!

I again wouldn't have known it was there if a few friends hadn't brought it to my attention. The February question -- which I answered so long ago that I couldn't remember my response, only that it was sailing-related -- was...

How do you alleviate stress?
My answer was this...
I sail.
When there's a nice breeze blowing, there's nowhere else
your thoughts can be except on board and fully present.

Sigh - it's so true. It alleviates my flying-related stress just reading those words and imagining what that feels like. It will be so good to be back on board Central Air this season and fully in that moment again.

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