Wednesday, June 24, 2009

killing me softly with a sanding sponge

The "tagline" for Marine-Tex is...

Handles like putty.
Hardens like steel.
Sands like wood.
A more accurate tagline would be...
Handles like scary-#ss
weapons-grade uranium.
Hardens like steel.
Sands like steel too.
My Marine-Tex experience can be best described with a mathematical theorem:
Every minute saved by applying Marine Tex in a slapdash manner results in thirty-four additonal minutes (per patch) of sanding the Marine Tex.
I hope I never have the occasion to hold a sanding sponge in my hand ever again! (Yes, I see you, teak trim. Stop looking at me that way.) The sanding was an excruciating process. I'm so grateful to my sister Jessi and her husband Terry and stepdaughter Hope for their help. They are the most fun and most talented crew ever! We definitely made the best of a hatefully awful situation (aka all the sanding), and we took a break to enjoy the most excellent pizza in the world at the Cheshire Market. I love that place.
After about sixteen person-hours of wet-sanding, the hull was finally ready to receive a coat of Interlux Pre-Kote Primer. (Heh heh - this should be a sponsored series of blog posts. Hey Interlux, are you reading this? No? Okay - didn't think so. But if you do, please know that I adore your products. Also, you are really quite attractive, Interlux. Are you married? Seeing anyone?)

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