Friday, July 24, 2009

book report: _Modern_Boat_Maintenance_

Here I am at the NTB tire store sitting in the 'customer lounge' listening to the strains of a rapping contest on tv and waiting for my tire to be repaired. (What a glamorous life I lead.). At least I had the presence of mind to grab a library book from the car before I turned over my keys. I've been voraciously reading every boat renovation book I can get my hands on lately.

This book is not really scratching my boat-reno itch, unfortunately. I'm sure that its contents *were* "modern" boat maintenance practices -- back in the mid-90s when it was published! This book is *ancient*! For pity's sake, iPods had not even been invented then!

If that wasn't enough to fully discredit this book, let the record also reflect that the illustrations are all lame black and white line drawings... and there isn't a single boy pictured anywhere (not even a stick figure.) Also, this book does not seem to have an author gutsy enough to put his name on it.

In summary, spend your (1994 inflation-adjusted) dollars on some other boat maintenance book.
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