Sunday, July 19, 2009

hull = painted!

I don't have photos, so you must take my word for it:

My new boat is now dark blue!
The second coat didn't provide quite enough coverage, but the third coat perfected the finish. (Where 'perfected' = 'good e-freaking-nough!') My sister Jessi did the rolling and I did the tipping. As is typically my style, I attempted to make up for my lack of skills and experience by purchasing the best equipment I could find. For the painting project, I purchased four badger (or were they China bristle? potayto-potahto, I guess...) brushes. This provided us with a fresh new brush for tipping for each coat. (Jessi and I both did the tipping on the first coat, while Terry did the rolling.)
We let the paint cure while we had lunch at the nearby Cheshire Market and Bait Shop, and then we excitedly removed the painter's tape to reveal the boot stripe. There were many 'oohs' and 'aahs,' but mainly there were heartfelt expressions of gratitude and relief that the hull painting was finally finished. By completing this project, I have proven that - without a doubt - anyone can paint a sailboat.
We are now only 14 days from launch!

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