Friday, October 08, 2010

my roadside windex

a random wind turbine
As I rounded a curve on the I-270 loop that circles Columbus during my Monday morning commute this week, I did a double-take that nearly rivaled the double-take Judy Jetson did the first time we drove past the llama farm (probably alpacas, but "llama" is more fun to say) on the way to the lake one day last summer. 

An auto dealership has put up a wind turbine and it's really kind of neat!  

This kind of thing really appeals to my frugal side (free energy!), although I wonder how long it will take for the business to recoup their investment ($400k, net of the $200k grant they received.)

I also wonder if non-sailors -- "normal people" -- are just as jazzed over the sight of this wind turbine as I am.  Seeing what the Byers Mazda Subaru wind turbine is doing is like Christmas morning, twice each day!  And yes, of course I think about what the point of sail is for my car and the proper rig tuning and sail trim for the conditions.  I can't wait to see what it looks like with lots of wind!... and when there is a wind shift!

I have an idea.  I think businesses that own wind turbines should put up courtesy "wind speed and direction" signs, just like banks have "time and temperature" signs.  Wouldn't that be so cool?

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