Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Sailing Season 2006 -- Hooray!

Much to my delight, in the midst of my workday today I received the following message on my phone:

Wanna go sailing?!

That's my friend Ben, wearing his euphoric 'let's go sailing!' expression. Despite the fact that I did not have the proper accessories with me (e.g., my sailing gloves), my response was an enthusiastic YES!

I met Kelly and Ben at the good ship Adventurous at 6 PM, and we were soon on our way. It was a little breezy this evening, so we put safety ahead of fashion and donned PFDs. Near the beginning of our sail, we spied a bit of a rainbow.

We sailed under main alone, so - for Kelly and me - 'coming about' involved nothing more than moving to the other side of cockpit. How relaxing! (Uhm, except for when the wind would kick up and I experienced a little early-in-the-season heeling jitters.)

Highlights: Let's see... We heard what must have been a loon. We smelled lake water that has never smelled so good (after being away and romanticizing things like 'the smell of lake water' all winter.) We made plans and schemes for this summer's Catalina 25 Regatta at Lake Erie, including a brief discussion of the super-cute Catalina 25 shirts we'll be wearing as Adventurous makes her triumphant return to the regatta scene.

My two favorite sailors, Ben & Kelly

A head-chopping self-portrait of Yours Truly

It was such a fabulous evening, from start to finish, and it was surely the first of many happy times on the water this year. Thank you, Ben and Kelly, for inviting me to join you!

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