Friday, June 30, 2006

Central Air / Central Air 2

Late last season, I decided that I might be ready to upgrade to a larger boat - one that would allow me to escape my ramp-related angst and obtain a nice comfy dock. (This decision may or may not have been preceded by an episode that involved not getting the main up -- or the trolling motor started -- quickly enough to elude being blown ashore whilst leaving the aforementioned ramp.)

So, I posted my beloved Central Air for sale this Spring, and a very nice man drove up from Kentucky to make her his own on May 18th. I was two days post-op from a total thyroidectomy and was rather 'under the influence', so my Mom handled the financial end of the transaction while my brother Bob assisted with hooking up Central Air to her new owner's tow vehicle.

Mom -- Central Air's official spokesmodel

When I decided last Fall to upgrade to a new sailing vehicle, I did plenty of research and determined with finality that the Capri 18 would be the perfect sailboat for me. It just so happened that at the beginning of this season, a very well-kept Capri 18 became available from a friend of our club's Commodore. I'm sad to say that the circumstances under which the boat was for sale were not happy ones. It took some time to work out the details regarding title-work and such, but I'm very pleased (ecstatic, even!) to say that I took delivery of my new boat today! I am so thankful and so completely blown away by the fact that I am now the owner of my ultimate dream boat!

Christy's Dream Boat! Isn't she pretty?
Her name will be 'Central Air 2', of course -- but the '2' is silent.

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