Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Catalina 25 National Regatta - Sunday

It was ‘happy days again’ on Sunday. The races were postponed due to the lack of wind, but then we received the signal that the Race Committee would attempt to give us at least one race. The conditions were much less choppy (very manageable!), and there was enough wind to keep things interesting. It was a very hot and sunny day. Thank you, God, for sunglasses and sunscreen!

We ended up doing two races. The second race included the racing highlight of the weekend, when we edged past Leprechaun only several yards from the finish. YEAH!! Adventurous finished the regatta in 7th place overall (out of 10 boats) – not a bad showing for Ben’s first national regatta (and first season of racing, for that matter!)


Overall, it was an exhaustingly strenuous but overwhelmingly fun adventure. I am both honored and thankful that the Shremshocks invited me along to be part of their crew. All of my photos from the trip are stored at flickr. Have at them!

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