Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Catalina 25 National Regatta - Saturday

Well… let’s just say that Saturday’s sailing stands in stark contrast to the magical experience that was Friday’s sailing, at least from my perspective! It was so choppy that the water was brown and just ‘messy.’ My misery started shortly into the first of the three races scheduled for the day. It was very hot and sunny, but there was very little wind to push us through the chop. I remembered reading somewhere that the best strategy for dealing with seasickness is to focus on the horizon line. So, I spent most of the race leaning over the gunwales (just in case!), clutching the lifeline (because it felt comforting to hold onto something ‘solid’), and grimly contemplating the horizon. I’m sorry to say that it did not help! I kept thinking that I should be able to ‘will’ myself to just get over it, but the ‘mind over matter’ thing sadly did not work.

Ben mercifully decided to call it a day after the first race. I hated to be the cause of it, but I truly don’t know how I would have mentally or physically survived two more races in those conditions.

I felt pretty yucky the rest of the day, but we made the best of it by taking photos and looking at all the cool boats docked at the club. We looked pretty snappy in our team shirts that were custom-designed by Kelly and custom-ironed-on by me. See?

Team Adventurous: Christy, Kelly, Ben

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