Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Labor Day -- Destination Reached!

My 'goal' on most daysails is to reach the Cheshire Road bridge, which marks the northern boundary of the sail-able territory at Alum Creek. The breeze is usually from the north, so there is a lot of tacking involved in making progress toward the bridge. Usually due to darkness approaching or other things to attend to at home, I've always given up well before reaching the bridge and turned around to sail downwind back to the docks.

Well, today - sailing with my friend Michelle - the wind was from the NW, which allowed for a fairly direct route to the bridge. YESSSSS!!! We took a few tacks to keep from getting too close to the eastern edge of the lake, and we arrived at the bridge after around 1.5 hours of delightful sailing! We turned around before we got to the 'no wake' buoys, but it was still VERY cool to finally achieve the goal!

The wind died down very quickly on our way back down the lake, but fortunately we had a pretty sunset to occupy our attention. I also discovered a very comfortable lounging position -- leaned back against a throwable PFD cushion with my head resting on my tilted outboard!! I could have fallen asleep!

Sigh - I guess it doesn't take much to make me happy, does it?

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