Thursday, September 06, 2007

Pimp my Ride!

I have a few more ride-pimping projects that I'd like to complete before the-day-that-we-won't-reference-directly arrives. Here are the projects and the status of each:

1.) speakers mounted to a second (short-ish) version of my hatchboard, for hearing tunes in the cockpit. (all materials purchased, oak board cut and sanded, needs 2 coats of scary-smelly polyurethane, speakers mounted [hole-drilling - yay!], and speakers wired to existing stereo wiring.)

2.) install treads on swim leadder (need to summon up the financial resources -- and the nerve -- to purchase handy little $85 [!!!] kit from Catalina Direct , then borrow Dad's rivet gun again.)

3.) install depth finder (currently researching which make/model to buy)... which brings me to my request for assistance from the internet people (that's you!):

Does anyone have a favorite brand, model, and/or retail source (online or offline) for a depth finder that is not outlandishly priced (low-mid $100s, maybe?)? From what I can tell so far, I think that I'm interested in installing one with a transducer that works through the hull (mounted with mineral oil and epoxy, or something to that effect?), and that has a smallish display screen with an alarm feature.

Any suggestions?

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