Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Prepping for Away Sails in 2008

I was elected to the office of Monohull Fleet Captain for 2008! With 130 days 'til our season begins, I am already eagerly anticipating the tons of cruising, racing, and partying the monohull sailors will do together next season. I am especially excited about the 'Away Sails' we'll have. Our club members have always seemed to love weekends away on Lake Erie. (You can sail to Canada! How could that not be cool?!) I hope to plan some more frequent 'away sails' closer to home, too.

What all this 'away-sailing' means for me personally, though, is that I have roughly 130 days to either get over my intense fear of spiders -- the issue that has kept me from overnighting on Central Air 2 thus far -- or find a spider-killing product that won't also kill Judy Jetson and me in our tiny little cabin.

I understand that vodka might also be an option.

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