Monday, November 05, 2007

One More Year! One More Year!

My year serving as Secretary of the sailing club is drawing to a close. I had committed to myself earlier this year that I would not seek to serve as an officer of the club over two consecutive years. During the Executive Committee meeting where we each announced our intentions for next year, I communicated (politely, but in no uncertain terms) that I would not be seeking office for next year. Well, during the drive home from that meeting -- as we chicks are wont to do -- I changed my mind. I am running for Monohull Fleet Captain for 2008... and... fast forward... the election is tonight!

I guess that after further introspection, I realized that my innate sense of follow-through (and perhaps my undiagnosed obsessive-compulsive disorder) demands that I remain engaged through at least the first year of maintaining and upholding the very important financial and procedural controls that this year's Executive Committee put in place.

Although it will most admittedly be odd to serve as a leader for so many sailors with more sailing -- and life -- experiences than I have, I think that my passion (read 'spazzyness') for the sport and my leadership abilities (read 'neuroses' and 'control-freak tendencies') more than make up for that. My opponent, the "incumbent" Monohull Fleet Captain, is a PhD/Psychologist (and a wonderful guy whom I respect and adore) so it's clearly a contest between 'crazy person' and 'person who treats crazy people.'

I'll let y'all know which way the election goes tonight!

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