Monday, January 14, 2008

America's Cup Dispute In Ten Words or Less: Winner!

Thank you to those who did their best to help me better understand the America's Cup Dispute, which apparently continues to this day.

I am awarding the grand prize to Litoralis for this very helpful entry:

Silly rich guys. Trusts are for kids, not sailing regattas.

Litoralis is the winner of a copy of Central Air: the mix tape*! All I need now is for Litoralis to entrust me with his mailing address or his secret MailBoxes Etc. box number or etc, etc. (cdavis0627-at-no-spam-pls-at-yahoo-pls-no-spammerz-dot-com)

Thanks again for your help, sailors!

*guaranteed 100% Buffett-free.

1 comment:

bonnie said...

Oh, better late than never, sorry, this was a great idea though.

It's all so confusing - and now there's the lawsuit - oy.

Has there ever been an America's Cup that got quite so crazy without anybody even getting wet?

(btw - Princess Bride. One of the best movies ever. Hello!)