Monday, January 14, 2008

My Favorite Sailing Photo

Adam at Messing About In Sailboats asked for bloggers to post their favorite sailing photos. I'm not sure if I'll submit this for Adam's project, since the only evidence of actual sailing here is the small sliver of lake and shoreline visible between our giant heads, but I thought I'd post it anyway.

This is my favorite sailing photo. It was taken during the evening of September 6, 2007, the evening that I took my best friend, Bro, sailing on CA2 for the first time. It was his second time sailing (his first time was on CA), and it was his first time sailing at night.

The breeze was fairly light as we motored out and raised the sails, but as soon as darkness fell the wind increased by several knots and we had a blast with it. We tacked and tacked and tacked, each time yelling "WooHooHoo!!" and laughing hysterically. It was like going back in time -- going back more years than I care to admit -- and playing like a child with my baby brother again.

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Anonymous said...

Lovely pic. Thanks A