Friday, February 01, 2008

Can't Wait to "Fly the 150"

It's official. My new 150 genoa has been ordered and will soon be produced by the cute boys who work at Ullman Sails' Cleveland loft. I chose to go with Dacron, with a foam luff pad (for happier furling with my Flexible Furler 2) and a Sunbrella UV cover (in a not-yet-determined aesthetically-pleasing color.)

All that is left to do is shop for tracks and blocks and then drill a bunch of holes in my boat. (Glee!) This marks my first efforts towards completing the first project on my 2008 Project List -- the list that I have yet to actually blog. (Note to self.)

But anyway, wait 'til y'all see us out on the race course this season. We are going to just scream around those marks with my big giant new genoa! (Hmmm... or will those actually be screams from the boats that I can't see from behind my big giant new genoa?)


EVK4 said...

If you can't see them, it's not your genoa's fault. They must have some sort of romulan cloaking device or something. That's what I always blame.

The exchange usually goes:
me: starboard tack my ass, just turn off your cloaking device next time if you don't want a hole in your boat!

them: umm, please stay away from me

me: protest!!!

Christy ~ Central Air said...

Edward, this is brilliant. I will spend some time memorizing my lines in advance of the upcoming season. I welcome your racing and sailing tips always.

Also, **Yay!! I have a kick-@ss, big-water, blue-@ss, Hawaii-bound ocean-racer commenting on my blog!!!** Thanks for stopping by, Edward!!

Anonymous said...

Christy - I have NO idea what any of this means....but it sounds fun. And I am glad it makes you happy! ACC

Anonymous said...

That's a nice looking Capri 18 you have there...My wife and I have the same boat. It's a 1989 model. I noticed on one of your pictures that you don't have any bottom paint on it. Do you keep it in the water without bottom paint or do you trailer it? If you don't have any bottom paint do you have any trouble cleaning it when you pull it out?