Tuesday, April 01, 2008

A Great New Idea!

I've been considering this for some time now, and I think I'm ready to propose something new for our sailing club. You may recall that last year I helped to organize some regularly-scheduled Ladies' Sailing Nights for our club. It was a great time, and we seem to have formed quite a close-knit little band of sailing gals. As the club's Monohull Fleet Captain this year, I am responsible for representing the interests of our monohull sailors, such as coordinating 'away sails' and coming up with new ideas for monohull sailing-related happiness for our members.

To capitalize on all the excitement and participation in the ladies' events over the past couple years, I plan to propose that we form a "Ladies Auxiliary" for our club -- kind of a 'club within a club.' Aside from our monthly sailing events and other ladies' social events, perhaps the ladies of the club would be interested in holding fundraising bake sales... packing picnic lunches that the men can enjoy during weekend regattas... and other fun projects like that!

I think I'll pitch my idea at next Monday's general meeting. I hope that our club members will be as excited about this idea as I am! I'll let you know.

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Christy ~ Central Air said...

Um, *obviously* this was an April Fools' Day post. Good grief! Ladies' Auxiliary? BWAHAHAHAHA!!!