Thursday, May 29, 2008

challenge / opportunity

Wednesday Night Racing = happiness and joy!

Sailing anytime with Capt'n Scott Shivertimber = happiness and joy!

Tacking a boat when there is a nice breeze blowing = happiness and joy!

Staring intently at the telltales and adjusting the sails for over an hour amid many distractions (Hello, short attention span!) -- including random thoughts, the overwhelming urge to sing various songs from the 80s, and the cute boy at the helm = quite a challenge!

In order to turn a challenge into an opportunity (ugh - I hate when I speak 'ExecuSpeak')... I've come up with the following list of helpful ideas I will depend upon during my next race:

  1. Remember to trim for the outside telltale, then the inside. Continuously, if necessary.
  2. Remember to FOCUS on the task at hand! Pay no attention to nearby shiny objects, birds flying overhead, whether my do-rag looks sufficiently jaunty, scary bugs, scary spiders, scary jibsheets touching my leg and making me think that a bug is on me, or the like. I will focus on the Genoa and the Skipper's instructions.
  3. Imagine and pursue the sweet taste of victory... and the sweet, tasty beverages that follow the race.


Brent said...

Regarding #3.... Why wait till the race is over!?!?!?

Sleepy Scott said...

Yup. Those shiny objects always distract me too. lol

Anonymous said...

#4 Pursue the tasty cute boy at the helm!