Monday, June 16, 2008

XX / XY Regatta '08

This is the time of year when I begin to beg and plead for a boy to join me for this annual regatta. You may recall that last year I accompanied my pitch for a patient, fun-loving, non-yelling-at-me boy with a marketing slogan of "chocolately sailing goodness." My intentions with that were completely pure, in a sort of "Drink More Ovaltine" type of way... but then some pre-verts (and y'all know who you are!) turned it into something suggestive and illicit and I am known to some of you to this very day as "the chocolate girl." (sigh)

So, for this year's regatta, I am going to try an altogether different approach. I will be accepting applications and interviewing prospective XY crew over the next week or so. All applicants (do I hear crickets chirping?) must be prepared to:
  1. Sing a Duran Duran tune of your choice (bonus points if it's from The White Album), and
  2. Bust out a respectable 'Cabbage Patch' victory dance, and
  3. Provide an example of:
  • 3a. a time when someone was annoying and you did not yell at them
  • 3b. a time when someone did something stupid and you did not yell at them
  • 3c. a time when someone talked too much and you did not yell at them.

I am an equal opportunity kind of gal, except that I am told that those with whom I've previously raced - ever - are not eligible to apply. (This fills me with great sadness, as I've been racing with some really wonderful and talented guys lately.)

Okay, so here we go! Let 'er rip with the applications, fellas! We can conduct your interview at the Dock Walk event this Saturday night, if you like.

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