Thursday, July 10, 2008


Have you ever heard of Clerihew Day or a type of poem called a 'clerihew?' Yeah, I hadn't either, but I get all my best sailing/blogging/international cultural info from my friend Tillerman, and he is celebrating Clerihew Day with a clerihew-writing exercise on his blog today.

Following the guidelines of a good clerihew...
  • it is biographical
  • it begins with the subject's name
  • it has the rhyme scheme AABB
  • it should be light-hearted or humorous

.... I submit the following as my contribution:

Christy the sailing chick with mad skill
Has a
sailing goal she'll never fulfill
Why are boys so mean?
Christy needs a broken heart vaccine.

SIGH. <"wink">

1 comment:

Tanzsegler said...

Dear Christy, beautiful chick with mad skill,
Your lofty sailing goal I'd help you fulfill,
But alas, a vaccine, of that I have none,
If it were so easy, then you'd already be done!