Wednesday, August 06, 2008

SAIL -- a book report

I received James Patterson's latest novel from my bro and sis-in-law as a birthday present recently. (The birthday when I turned.... um, *way older*.) I loves me some James Patterson. I usually seek out his fiction on CDs and listen to them during hatefully long car trips. (When I first started listening to Books on CD I had a lot of trouble with my mind wandering, necessitating a lot of rewinding... a LOT of rewinding. Yeah, I know... me? Wandering mind? Hmmm... go figure.) Anyway, as I was saying...

This would be the first Patterson I would enjoy in book form. I loves me some reading, but I have always gotten my Patterson fix in the car. Anyway, it's a 400-pager, which made me fear that it would take forever to get through, but I actually read it in just a couple days on the plane and in the evenings during a recent business trip.

Overall, it was a decent enough story, but it left me craving way more sailing action. This was because (spoiler alert!) the sailboat explodes on page 86, destroying the boat and killing the only smokin'-hot (no pun intended) guy in the whole story. Aside from the disappointment of losing the promise of 300+ more pages of hot sailing p0rn (defined as 'graphic yet G-rated descriptions of sailing and sailboats'), it was an enjoyable read as evidenced by my speedy consumption of all 400 pages! I'd recommend it as a great poolside or beach book.

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