Tuesday, December 30, 2008

tooting my own blog-horn

My BFF The Tillerman's final group writing project of 2008 involves having each participant select his/her favorite 2008 post from his/her own blog. Although I'm fairly sure that every word that passes through my lips or from the clickity-clack of my fingertips is pure genius, it was quite easy for me to select one particular post as my favorite.

But first, some statistics:

# of posts in 2005: 6
# of posts in 2006: 19
# of posts in 2007: 30
# of posts in 2008: 33 (including this one)

This is a pretty pathetic number of posts, especially compared to some of my favorite fellow sailing bloggers ever. Seeking to better understand this data, in true execu-droid style I performed a complex analysis of the figures and arrived at the following conclusions:

  1. My enjoyment of the sport increased dramatically when I upgraded from my 14-foot dinghy to my fabulous Capri 18 'yot.' There were many more stories to tell in 2007 - my first full season of sailing Central Air '2.'
  2. Although my enjoyment of the sport -- and my skill level, as I finally graduated to the level of 'novice' -- increased even more in 2008, I was too busy having great adventures and making lovely memories (and storing more precious snapshots in my mind than even the flickr could contain), and that didn't leave much time to blog.

The post that best represents this season of adventure and lovely memories is 'Hooray for Team La Vita.' This post is simply the best because it provides a snapshot of this season that includes all the components of a perfect sail: great company, a stiff breeze, and a crew that just 'clicks.'

Viva Team La Vita!


Greg and Kris said...

Your self-identified execu-droid posts are the best. I love your concise analysis and detailed reporting. I keep expecting to see a SWOT analysis, or Porter's Five

Christy ~ Central Air said...

Hey, thanks! :-))

Well, my life and my sailing are both ruled by the Pareto Principle:

80% of my heartache comes from 20% of the men in my life.

80% of my boat repair expenses come from the 20% of sailing time when I'm moonlight sailing with fun friends and a bottle or two of the wine.

Porter's is a little too highbrow for me (ie, I'm not smart enough to understand it), but perhaps I'll find a way to combine all the goodness of SWOT or FMEA with all the thrills of sailing in 2009.

(clink!) Here's to many days of fun (and safe!) sailing for the skipper and crew of Love & Coconuts (and the future S/V Clarity) in 2009!

Greg and Kris said...

Hmm, I've got a wife, three daughters and a son. That means that 80% of the effort in my life should be expended on the women, but it feels more like 6.8 on the Richter scale. My son just wants to play his guitar.

Best wishes for the new year! We look forward to more analysis and some charts in 2009.