Tuesday, June 09, 2009

I'm back!

Well, I've rejoined the world again. I've spent the last month preparing for and recovering from surgery -- voluntary surgery. I got myself a lap-band! I kind of like to call it 'lap-dance surgery' because it will enable me to 'entertain' my future husband without... you know... snapping his femur or whatnot.

The tie-in with sailing is obvious:
  1. all mast-dancing, all the time.

  2. increasing my yacht racing prowess (which will more than make up for my decrease in ballast-ability)

If you'll excuse me now, it's time for me to go enjoy a spoonful of cottage cheese.

1 comment:

Greg and Kris said...

Mmm, delish! Have a grape for dessert?


Welcome back, amiga!