Sunday, July 26, 2009

anchor light? check! steaming light? check!

... constant, vague sense of confusion? Check!

I stand amazed. My brother-in-law Terry is super-skilled at wiring projects.... and is also a master of 'how to do things efficiently and with high quality.' Terry offered to install the electrical system in the new boat. We delayed launch day long enough to wire the masthead anchor light and the steaming light. (I remembered to attach the new Windex before we raised the mast too -- woohoo!)

So here's the brainteaser: After drilling holes at the masthead, mid-mast, and at the base of the mast, we organized our supplies:

  • 30' wire for anchor light
  • 20' wire for steaming light
  • 25' conduit to surround and protect the wires within the mast
  • 25' fish tape

It would have taken me - conservatively - about 30 minutes with pencil and paper to figure out the sequence of events needed to fish the conduit up through the hole in the base of the mast (or down the open mast "cap")... then fish the two wires (one at masthead and one through a hole at mid-mast (and in the conduit at the same place)... and then end up with everything in the right position to connect the lights to the wires. Terry, on the other hand, paused for perhaps 10 seconds (at most) and then jumped right in with the hole-drilling and "fishing!!"

If it was up to me, I would probably still be up at the boat lot with fish-tape in one hand and conduit in the other and a completely puzzled look on my face. I guess we all have our own individual gifts. Basic problem-solving apparently is not one of my gifts, but I guess you probably already knew that.

Also, my bro-in-law ROCKS! Next up on the electrical to-do list: stereo and speakers!


Greg and Kris said...

Stereo yet? Andy Samberg singing to you while you sail on your m))(^)(^ing boat?

Got your flippy floppies? Flipping burgers?

Does any of this make sense?

Erik - C18 said...

"I'm on a boat..."!

Yeah, but the boat is on a trailer at my house, and T-Pain is nowhere in sight.

Christy: any news to report?